Becoming Bold Followers of Jesus

Nowhere in the Bible do we ever see Jesus asking anyone to “become a Christian.” Instead, He asked people to “follow Him,” and there is a world of difference! Jesus never made it easy for people to follow Him. In fact, He drove the crowds away by telling them they had to be willing to give up everything first. Today we’ve replaced those demands of our Lord with easy statements like, “Invite Jesus into your heart,” or “Sign a church card.” It is our desire to go from simply being Christians to being bold followers of Jesus Christ; surrendering all and following Him wherever He leads! Will you join us?

Sermon TitleDateSpeaker
Surrendering Your Future to God’s WillJanuary 6, 2013Phil Pike
Another Year of GraceJanuary 13, 2013Phil Pike
Whatever He Says to You, Do It!January 20, 2013Phil Pike
One Question You Never Want to HearJanuary 27, 2013Phil Pike
Who is Really in Charge of Your Life?February 3, 2013Phil Pike
Following Jesus, No Strings AttachedFebruary 10, 2013Phil Pike
Laying Everything On The LineFebruary 17, 2013Phil Pike
Pursuing What Really MattersFebruary 24, 2013Phil Pike
When God Intersects Your PathMarch 3, 2013Phil Pike
Don’t Just Make a Living. Make a Life!March 10, 2013Phil Pike