When God Intersects Your Path

Date: March 3, 2013

Speaker: Phil Pike

Series: Becoming Bold Followers of Jesus

Book: Exodus

Topics: God's Will, Life's Purpose

We all spend the first part of our life trying to build our own empire — getting the right education, finding the best career that will pay us the most money, buying a nice house, marrying the person of our dreams. But at some point, crisis slams into our life, and we begin questioning everything we’re living for. It is at this stage that we become most receptive to God’s voice. Unfortunately, many of us spend far too long in the first stage, ignoring the calls of God, and continuing to ask God to bless our plans instead of getting on board with His plans. But God created us for something bigger than building our own empire. He created us to build His kingdom! What stage of life are you in?