Sermons from Hosea

Sustained Through Humility

Date: June 12, 2016 | Speaker:

Jesus Christ is a great man. He is wise, compassionate, gentle, approachable, loving, caring. As a man he is top of the charts for a potential husband. He is the Son of God and is one with his Father. His bride, the church, is made up of people, but what kind of people? And how does Jesus show his love for his bride?


We Need a Downpour

Date: January 23, 2011 | Speaker:

Do you remember a time in your life when you were more in love with Jesus than you are today? Do you feel like your heart has grown dry and distant compared to the passion you used to have for Him? You need a fresh awakening of His grace… you need a revival… you need a downpour! Hosea tells us that God longs to come to us like the rains, to soak the dry soil of our heart and nourish us with renewed life and vitality. If that is what you long for, this sermon series is for you!