Ministry Values

Perhaps the most important aspect of Jesus Christ’s entire ministry can be summed up in one word…servant. As artists in the Church, our ministry is to serve. Although there is a performance aspect to what we do, this is not the place to show off our monster chops or make a name for ourselves. It is a place where we learn to “serve for the greater good” while using our talents.

We believe God is honored with excellence  our best. With that in mind, assuming we are a fit for one another, we will make every effort to place you in a role that is consistent with your talent and the needs of the church. However, as a matter of philosophy, we are looking for skilled artists. That does not mean world-class talent or perfection, so don’t let that scare you. Our view is that excellence (verses mediocrity) inspires others and honors Jesus Christ.

Relationships matter. More important than a well executed song or worship service, our desire is to develop meaningful relationships with one another as we minister. Maintaining unity among our team is a high priority for us because we have found that ministry flourishes within an environment of transparency and genuine relationships.

Being a creative artist in the church is a highly visible ministry. What we do, what we say, how we live in and outside of the church building reflects on our ministry, and ultimately upon Christ. Character drives credibility. Our desire is to serve the Church from a foundation of integrity and Christian character.

The Church, Christ’s expression of Himself on earth, should be anything but boring! As artists, we have the awesome privilege of creatively expressing the good news of the Gospel. Our goal is to raise the bar across the creative spectrum while avoiding cheesy gimmicks or showmanship.

We’re looking for people with fresh ideas yet who are willing to be taught. If you’re a team player and looking for an opportunity to serve the Lord within a team atmosphere, you’ve come to the right place!

We pay careful attention to balancing our ministry commitments with our other family/life obligations and we really have no desire to burden any of our volunteer team members. Yet creative arts ministries are typically the most time demanding ministries in churches. It takes more than talent, character, or desire – it takes a time commitment.