Sermons about Baptism

Going Public with Your Faith

Date: October 15, 2023 | Speaker:

Join us for our baptism service where we witnessed the beautiful act of faith as 12 people publicly declared their devotion to Christ through the waters of baptism. It was a day of celebration and obedience to the Lord’s command as these believers made their faith known to the world, and it was a reminder to each of us that our faith isn’t meant to be private, but a shining light for everyone to see. May their commitment inspire us all to live out our faith boldly and without reservation as we follow Christ each day.

Colossians – Part 6

Date: March 13, 2022 | Speaker:

Paul’s letter to the believers in Colossae is packed full of encouragement for them, warnings about false teachings, and instructions on relating to one another. Join us as we step through this powerful letter and apply the truths found here to our own lives, church, and relationships.

What Is Baptism All About?

Date: January 2, 2022 | Speaker:

To people outside the church, baptism seems like a strange ritual. Why dunk people under water? What does that mean, and what does it accomplish? Does getting baptized mean you’ll go to heaven? Can anyone be baptized? In this brief message we’ll answer those and other important questions by seeing what the Bible actually says about baptism.

Can We Be Saved Without Baptism?

Date: June 4, 2017 | Speaker:

Some people say that if a Christian is not baptized, he will not go to heaven, but is that really what the Bible teaches? Did Christ’s death on the cross provide everything necessary to wash away our sins, or are the waters of baptism necessary to wash away the rest? Today we tackle a controversial verse in 1 Peter and discover that it really isn’t that difficult to understand after all.

Why Does Baptism Matter?

Date: August 23, 2015 | Speaker:

There has been a lot of misunderstanding and false teaching about baptism over the years; so who is baptism for, and what does baptism really do? Does baptism save us or add something to our salvation, and if not, then why do we need to be baptized at all? In today’s message we share scriptural insight on the real meaning and purpose of baptism and why it is such a beautiful act of our obedience to Christ.

In Keeping With Repentance

Date: August 16, 2015 | Speaker:

When John the Baptist appeared on the scene of history, the people of Jerusalem, Judea and all the area surrounding the Jordan came to see him. When they came it seems that they had some knowledge of what baptism was, so what did baptism look like to someone living in the first century?