Good News!

Bad news — we’re bombarded with it every day. Even a quick glance at the headlines reminds us that we live in a world plagued with violence, war, crime and greed. Is there any truly good news that could right all this wrong, and if so, where do we find it? Lasting good news will never come from better government, peace treaties or any other efforts of man. There is only one source of good news, and it has already been made available to us. Have you discovered this good news?

Sermon TitleDateSpeaker
Good News for a Dying WorldJuly 27, 2014Phil Pike
How the Gospel Changes UsAugust 3, 2014Phil Pike
Are We Ashamed?August 10, 2014Jon Stewart
The Gospel Doesn’t Need To Be Fixed!August 24, 2014Phil Pike
What Part Do We Play in the Gospel?August 31, 2014Phil Pike
What Are We Doing With the Good News?September 7, 2014Phil Pike