Sermons from 1 Kings

Remember Your Creator While There is Still Time

Date: March 25, 2012 | Speaker:

Solomon started out his life so well… following God with all his heart and choosing wisdom over riches, fame and pleasure. But somewhere along the way, he got his focus off of God and began pursuing other things, and because of this, Solomon’s life ended in misery and regret. Although he had everything his heart desired, he described the conclusion of all his pursuits are being empty and meaningless. As an old man, realizing the error of his ways, he urges all of us reading his words to remember God while we are still young, and keep our eyes upon Him all the days of our life.

What Kind of Baggage Are You Passing Down?

Date: May 22, 2011 | Speaker:

The power that parents have to shape and influence their children for a lifetime is astounding. While our parents pass down many good things to us, they also pass down a certain amount of baggage, which, if not dealt with, will be carried through our entire life and passed on to our children. Are there any hurts or destructive patterns you are still carrying through life? Jesus invites you to lay that baggage down at the cross and find the strength to be the agent of change for your family.

Don’t Settle Where You Are

Date: October 3, 2010 | Speaker:

History tells us that a lot of people who made commitments to become pioneers actually ended up becoming settlers before they ever reached their destination. When the journey got rough, many chose to stop and find a place of comfort instead of pressing on towards their goal. The same will be true of us as followers of Christ unless we are willing to surrender everything that is holding us back. Is there anything in your life keeping you from following God wherever He is calling you to go?