Sermons about Influence

Are We Broken?

Date: October 16, 2016 | Speaker:

It is far too easy for us as Christians to be so occupied with Christian activities and to surround ourselves with other Christians that we actually forget about the lost people all around us. But if we are living like Christ, we will not only be a friend of sinners like He was, but we will have a broken heart for the lost like He did. What is it that breaks our heart? Is it ever broken for the lost?

Are We Faithful?

Date: October 9, 2016 | Speaker:

We all know about the Apostle Paul and the astounding ways God used his life, but do we know the man who stood up for Paul when no one else wanted him, and who actually put Paul in a position to be used by God? The truth is, God’s work is not sustained and enriched by the prominent people in the spotlight, but by the mostly unknown men and women serving faithfully behind the scenes. Are we willing to be that person?

Are We Bold?

Date: September 18, 2016 | Speaker:

Have you ever wondered why people use the name of Jesus as a curse word 2,000 years after He lived and died? Why do they never curse using anyone else’s name? It’s because all the powers of darkness are trying to stamp out the very name of Jesus! In fact, they are trying to rid the world of Him completely. In a time when the voices of evil are growing louder and stronger, we need to stand boldly for Jesus!

The Story

Date: May 22, 2016 | Speaker:

Jerry McCorkle, Executive Director of Spread Truth Ministries, shares how the amazing 5-minute video called The Story came about, and how God is using it to reach millions of people around the world. Listen to this powerful testimony and discover how you can use this simple tool to spread the Gospel right from your phone! Watch the video here:

What If We Loved Like Jesus?

Date: October 4, 2015 | Speaker:

Jesus said the two most important commandments are to love God and love others. As the church, we typically spend most of our time together expressing our love for God, but how well are we doing at loving others, especially those who are not like us? Are we better at pointing fingers of criticism at the lost than we are at going out and actually loving them? What would happen if the church learned how to love like Jesus?

Are You a Friend of Sinners?

Date: May 31, 2015 | Speaker:

Jesus has been given many wonderful titles that display His power and majesty, but the title that shows His deep love for mankind most clearly is: Jesus, Friend of Sinners. During His ministry, He was sharply criticized for spending time with notoriously sinful men and women. But Jesus reminded His critics that those very people were the ones He came into the world to save. Now that we have been sent to carry on His mission, could it be said of us that we, too, are a friend of sinners?

Called to Make a Difference

Date: May 17, 2015 | Speaker:

Since we have been called to penetrate our culture and make an impact for Christ, there must be something about us that gives us the ability to actually make a difference. One of the things Jesus compared us to is salt, but how can salt make any difference in the world? Join us as we explore the amazing properties of salt and discover how we have been called to exhibit those same life-changing qualities to impact the world around us.

What You Do for Christ Matters!

Date: May 10, 2015 | Speaker:

When we consider what part we are supposed to play in the Great Commission, it can be difficult to know where to begin. The vastness of the mission compared to our limited resources and abilities can leave us feeling overwhelmed and immobilized. But God never asks us to do more than we can. All He asks is that we do what we can and allow Him to take our little and use it for something great. Be encouraged to know that however small your role may seem, what you do for Christ matters!

Why Aren’t We Excited About Jesus?

Date: April 26, 2015 | Speaker:

Why do Christians have no trouble talking with great excitement about sports, movies, vacations, sales at the mall… but those same people never talk about Jesus? Lots of excuses can be given, but it’s time to stop pretending and admit that we are just not excited enough about Jesus to share Him with anyone. The church doesn’t have a missions problem, it has a heart problem, and until we get serious and ask God to break our hearts, we will never fulfill our part in the Great Commission.

Why God Hates Grumbling

Date: July 7, 2013 | Speaker:

If we were asked to list destructive sins that stir God’s anger and hinder the light of the gospel from shining, complaining and grumbling would probably not even make it on the list. And yet God puts grumbling right alongside the sin of idol worship, paganism and sexual immorality! Why? Because grumbling is a sign of an ungrateful heart towards God’s goodness, and it severely damages the testimony of the gospel. Is your life characterized by a grateful spirit or an undercurrent of complaining?