Sermons about Wisdom

Living in View of God’s Love

Date: January 14, 2018 | Speaker:

Life is short and the world is filled with trouble as a result of man’s sin, and we all feel the impact of that. Is there somewhere we can turn to find true, lasting love and satisfaction that can actually make us rejoice and be glad regardless of what is going on around us? The world promises satisfaction, but it never lasts. Only the Bible has the answer. Have you found it yet?

Living in View of Eternity

Date: January 7, 2018 | Speaker:

The Bible tells us repeatedly that our lives are very short, and it urges us to live out our brief days wisely. In view of that reality, the looming question is, what are we doing to guarantee that our time on this earth will matter for all eternity? We begin this new year by looking at the extraordinary wisdom found in Psalm 90, and we learn how to count our days so that we can make sure our days will count.

Growing Up in Our Salvation

Date: February 26, 2017 | Speaker:

It has been said that everyone ages, but not everyone matures; everyone grows older, but not everyone grows up. The same is true spiritually. But God’s desire is for us to grow up spiritually; to mature in our walk with Him. Are you pursuing God with an intentional, passionate hunger that will feed you spiritually and cause you to grow and mature in your faith?

Wonderful Counselor

Date: December 4, 2016 | Speaker:

The stress of our daily lives and the uncertainties of the world in which we live can leave us filled with fear and despair, and even the best counselors will admit they don’t have all the answers. But Jesus, whose birth we celebrate at Christmas, was called the Wonderful Counselor. He not only cares about all our troubles, but He knows exactly what to do about them because He is the very embodiment of wisdom and knowledge. Have you talked with this Wonderful Counselor lately?

The Spiritual Man

Date: December 8, 2013 | Speaker:

God has a plan and a purpose that He is bringing to pass. Through the ages, there are different degrees to which the world has experienced God; Innocence, Conscience, Human Government, Promise, Law. Living in the age of grace now, our experience with God is dependent upon our cooperation with the Spirit of God. We cannot gain true wisdom, knowledge, understanding, or counsel without the Holy Spirit. We must learn to trust Him over our own senses and understanding. We will only begin to trust Him over our own senses if we know who He is. We will only know who He is, when we choose to read His word, trusting His Spirit to reveal to us who He is.

Choose Carefully What You Chase After in Life

Date: January 22, 2012 | Speaker:

What do you think the richest, most popular, most successful man in history might say about life when he reached the end? The fact is, we don’t have to wonder… we can know exactly what he said by reading the book of Ecclesiastes. Solomon had it all. He spared himself no pleasure and denied himself nothing his eyes saw. Yet he reached the end and summed it up by saying that he hated life, and all his pursuits were meaningless. Are the things you’re chasing after going to matter in eternity, or will they run through your fingers like sand?

Does Life Feel Like an Endless Cycle?

Date: January 15, 2012 | Speaker:

Someone once said, “I climbed the ladder of success, only to find when I reached the top that it was leaning against the wrong wall.” How sad it would be to live your entire life chasing things that didn’t matter in the end. The truth is, we’re all pursuing something. How can we be sure the things we’re pursuing will matter in eternity, or whether they will slip through our fingers like sand when life is over? Join us as we explore these questions, and many more, to make sure we’re living the life God intended!

Wisdom — Don’t Live Without It!

Date: July 20, 2008 | Speaker:

If you knew of one sure way to have God’s blessing and favor upon your life, would you want to know about it? Proverbs 8:33 tells us what that is. It is essential for us to grow daily in wisdom if our life is going to be one of usefulness to God’s kingdom.

God’s Wisdom for Everyday Life

Date: June 29, 2008 | Speaker:

If you knew there was a book that contained eternal wisdom for every area of your life; a book that would help you make wise decisions in your family, your finances, your job, your relationships… would you read it? God has given us that book. It is called Proverbs, and if we study it, God’s wisdom and character will flow through our lives, affecting the day-to-day decisions that we make.