Sermons from 1 Samuel

Giving Ourselves Completely to God

Giving Our Talents to God

Date: February 1, 2015 | Speaker:

Have you ever said, “If I had a chance to live my life over, I’d live it so much better!” But why is it that we don’t go ahead and make those changes now with the one life we do have? The Bible tells us how to invest our life wisely so we don’t reach the end and realize we wasted it. Jesus has entrusted each of us with different “talents” and one day He will return to see how we invested them. Will we hear Him say, “Well done, good and faithful servant,” or will He rebuke us for the way we managed what He gave us?

Dedicating Ourselves to God

Date: October 26, 2014 | Speaker:

What is the highest ambition you have for your children? Is it that they would make you proud, or reflect well on your family, or become successful or wealthy or famous? Or is your greatest desire for them that their lives would glorify God? Today we share in a brief parent/child dedication service, followed by a sermon that challenges us all to make sure we have first dedicated ourselves to God, and then to make sure we have given everything we possess to be used for His ultimate glory. Is there anything or anyone you are still unwilling to let go of for God?

The Power of Friendship

Date: October 24, 2010 | Speaker:

Even though people have more ways to connect and communicate than at any other time in history, studies show that people feel less connected by real relationships than ever before. Loneliness has been called the new American epidemic. How many true friends do you have who will stick with you and point you to God in the tough times? Are you being that kind of friend to anyone else? Today’s message shows us the importance of friendship in helping us live a faithful and effective Christian life.

A God Worth Serving

Date: January 20, 2008 | Speaker:

There are two kinds of Christians: those who serve the Lord with joy and gladness, and those who do it out of a sense of obligation and duty. The first group understands how much the Lord has done for them and they serve Him out of a heart overflowing with gratitude. The second group has forgotten the extent of love the Lord has shown them, and some of them even think God owes them something. The Bible says that each one of us has a vital role to play in the Body of Christ, and that we must each do our part. Are you doing your part with a joyful spirit or with a complaining attitude?