Sermons from 2 Peter

Longing for His Return

Date: December 19, 2021 | Speaker:

Have you ever been stuck in a faraway airport after a long, exhausting trip, watching one flight after another being canceled? You’re tired and hungry, and all you want in that moment is to be home! The struggles and trials of life often remind us that our real home is in heaven, and make us wish we could be there now. In the midst of it all, remember, Jesus is coming back, and when He does, all things will be made new!

Do You Need a New Beginning?

Date: September 12, 2021 | Speaker:

Because we are all sinful creatures we fail God and other people regularly. In those moments of failure we certainly deserve whatever condemnation and judgement might come our way, yet we can all recall times when God showed us His grace instead and gave us a fresh start. You may feel like you’ve blown it so badly that God will never take you back. But He stands ready right now to extend His grace and give you a new beginning!

Looking Forward

Date: December 1, 2019 | Speaker:

Scripture promises a new heaven and a new earth for followers of Christ. Peter reminds us of how this promise should impact our lives today. The goals that we are striving for in the future will always impact our choices in the present. Knowing that we will one day see Christ should motivate us to live holy lives here and now. Are we looking forward to that day, and are we living expectant, intentional holy lives in light of it?

How the Bible Defies the Odds

Date: January 13, 2019 | Speaker:

Take 40 people to the library and tell them to choose any books they want. Some people must choose more than one so that there are 66 books in all. What are the odds that all 66 books would be in agreement and form one continuous story? It is statistically impossible! The 66 books of the Bible were written by 40 authors from diverse backgrounds, living over a period of about 1,500 years, and yet when all 66 books are brought together, they form one complete, unified story from beginning to end. This is just more evidence confirming the Divine authorship of this amazing Book.

You Have to Choose to be Used

Date: July 12, 2015 | Speaker:

The Bible says that God has already given us every spiritual gift we need to live for Him. We do not lack anything. The only question is, have we ever discovered our spiritual gifts and are we actually using them? Just attending a church service every week does not automatically make us a healthy, contributing part of the Body of Christ. We have to choose to be used! Have you ever discovered the spiritual gifts given to you by the Holy Spirit so that you can use them for the mission of Christ?

How To Be Thankful

Date: December 1, 2013 | Speaker:

Knowing the importance of giving thanks is one thing, but actually doing it can be challenging. We don’t naturally give thanks when circumstances in life seem wrong; when our car breaks down on the freeway or we get in an accident, or we lose our job, or anything else that we would determine as less than desirable for ourselves. But it is in the context of life’s circumstances that we glorify God; the way we respond and react in life reveals great truth about who we are. We can prepare ourselves for life so that we respond and react in a way that glorifies God; thanksgiving.

What Does God Want?

Date: January 3, 2010 | Speaker:

Over the course of our lifetime we get asked thousands of questions, but very few of those questions are truly life-changing. However, there is one question that should change everything for those of us who are Christ followers, and that question is simply this: “What does God want?” Knowing what God longs for more than anything else will transform our lives completely and give us purpose like never before! Do you know what God wants?

Possessing the Land

Date: March 29, 2009 | Speaker:

God called the children of Israel out of Egypt for a specific mission — to go and possess the Land of Canaan. But because of their disobedience, they ended up wandering in circles for 40 years, missing the target. It is so easy for the church today to be caught up in busy work, thinking we’re making progress, but not really making any real progress at all because we’re not going where God wants us to go. Is there any “land” that God wants us to possess for His kingdom that we are failing to possess?

Why Should I Believe in Heaven?

Date: April 6, 2008 | Speaker:

Is heaven a real place or just a figment of our imagination? Is it merely the stuff of fairy tales and legends, or a real place that we can go when we die? How can we know for sure? If heaven is not real, then let’s live this life completely for ourselves and give no thought for eternity. But if heaven is real, what impact should it have on our lives right now?

Why Should I Believe the Bible? (Part 3)

Date: March 9, 2008 | Speaker:

Without a doubt, one of the greatest proofs of the Bible’s claims of Divine inspiration is the fulfillment of hundreds of prophecies with absolute pinpoint accuracy, each of which can be verified by secular history. More than 300 prophecies were fulfilled by Jesus alone, including events He could not have controlled, like the exact time, place, and circumstances of His own birth! The chances of just eight of those prophecies being fulfilled in one person has been calculated to be 1 in 10 to the 17th power. Thats 1 in 100,000,000,000,000,000. And Jesus fulfilled more than 300 such prophecies!

Why Should I Believe the Bible? (Part 1)

Date: February 24, 2008 | Speaker:

It doesn’t much matter what you believe about Time Magazine, the JC Penney catalogue, or Gulliver’s Travels… but it matters immensely what you believe about the Bible. If the Bible is indeed what it claims to be, then the implications for all of us are enormous! Today we examine some of the remarkable evidence that makes the Bible unlike any other book that has ever been written — a book that has withstood every criticism leveled against it, and despite many attempts by tyrants throughout history to wipe it off the face of the earth, the Bible continues to be the best-selling book of all time.