Sermons from Ephesians

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Date: June 2, 2013 | Speaker:

The war that killed more American soldiers than any other war in history was the Civil War. More lives were destroyed by fighting among ourselves than by fighting an outside enemy. The same is true in the church. If Satan can get us to turn our swords on each other, the gospel will never advance, and the name of Christ will be tarnished in the eyes of a watching world once again. Are you contributing to the unity or disunity of your church?

Are We Living Worthy of the Gospel?

Date: May 26, 2013 | Speaker:

Philippians 1:27 urges us to live lives worthy of the gospel of Christ. This literally means that our lives should give equal weight and value to the sacrifice that Christ made by giving His life for us. If His death was placed on one side of an old-fashioned scale and our life was placed on the other side, would it reveal that we are living in a way that measures up to what He did for us? Are our lives an appropriate reflection of the gospel?

He Himself is Our Peace

Date: October 21, 2012 | Speaker:

Regardless of who we are or how much we love God, the storms of life are bound to come. We sometimes endure struggles that feel completely overwhelming, and we wonder if God has forgotten all about us. Have you ever felt like the dark clouds would never roll away and let the sun shine again? If so, these sermons will bring you fresh hope and help you find peace in your storm.

Blessed To Be A Blessing

Date: June 10, 2012 | Speaker:

No one has to teach little children to pull a toy out of another child’s hand and say, “Mine!” We’re all born with that selfish nature in us. And even as adults, we struggle with the same problem. God blesses us with so many things — not only material things, but salvation too — and our tendency is to hold on tightly to those blessings and say, “These are mine!” But the truth is, God blesses us, not only for our benefit, but so we can invest those blessings into the lives of others for His glory. When a church learns to start releasing God’s blessings into the mission of Christ, it will unleash His power and see lives impacted for all eternity!

Spirit in Control: A Picture of Power, Part 2

Date: April 17, 2011 | Speaker:

The Bible commands followers of Christ to be filled with the Spirit, but what does that really mean, and how do you know if you are filled with the Spirit? Today we look at four important proofs that our lives are filled with the Spirit’s power and that we are living under His control. Is your life showing evidence of the Holy Spirit’s presence?

Christ on the Cross: A Picture of Grace, Part 2

Date: April 3, 2011 | Speaker:

Where would your life be right now without Jesus? The fact is, you would be wallowing in sin, and you would be faced with a debt you could never pay. When Jesus died on the cross, he paid the debt for our sin and saved us from the wrath of God that was coming upon us. We did absolutely nothing to deserve this… that’s why it’s called Grace! Do we really understand all that God’s grace has brought to us? It truly is amazing grace!

Engage Our Spirit-Giftedness

Date: January 24, 2010 | Speaker:

God never meant for you to be an “ornamental” Christian (remember the plastic couch?) Rather He wants to use you and has called you to a life of serving Him and others. The Scriptures are clear: You are gifted… You are a vital part of the Body of Christ… and You have a work to do in this world. His call to action involves using You to accomplish His purposes in the lives of those both inside and outside the body of Christ.

Can Love Really Last Forever?

Date: November 22, 2009 | Speaker:

Someone once said, “Falling in love requires a pulse… staying in love requires a plan.” With roughly 50 percent of all marriages ending in divorce, it is clear that “falling in love” is not enough to keep two people together forever. Do you have a plan to make sure your marriage ends up in the “right” 50 percent? We close this series with 3 key principles for a long, healthy, God-honoring marriage. In which of these areas are you currently doing well? Which do you and your spouse need to work on?

What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew

Date: November 1, 2009 | Speaker:

Men and women are different in so many ways, and because of these differences, problems and misunderstandings often arise between a husband and wife. 1 Peter 3:7 commands husbands to understand their wives by learning how she needs to be loved. If men would only take the time to love their wives like Christ loved the church, they would be amazed at the woman who emerges!

Protection from the Enemy

Date: February 1, 2009 | Speaker:

As we live out our new life in Christ, we must realize that our enemy, Satan, is constantly trying to attack us. Where are your weak spots, and what are you doing to protect yourself from the enemy’s attacks in those areas? The Bible has given us everything we need to stand against Satan’s attacks… do you know how to use these spiritual weapons to protect yourself?

God’s Remedy for Troubled Relationships

Date: January 25, 2009 | Speaker:

Our entire life is made up of relationships, and when those relationships are not going well, life can be very difficult and painful. Today’s message explores some simple but powerful principles from the Bible that will breathe life back into your troubled relationships.