Sermons from Hebrews

Living By Faith – Pt.1

Date: April 6, 2014 | Speaker:

Paul continues in Gal. 2:20 to explain that the life he now lives, he lives by faith. What does it mean to live life, and how is it that Paul now lives it by faith. What is faith? When we say that Christians belong to “the faith” what is being said? What is it about living a Christian life that separates that life from anyone else? How do we live by faith?

He Died In My Place

Date: March 2, 2014 | Speaker:

When something monumental occurs in our life, it has the power to change us forever. Depending on the circumstance, we may want to erase that event from our memory, or intentionally remember how greatly we have been impacted by it. How important is Jesus Christ’s sacrifice to us? How often do we really focus on what He has done for us? (The last few minutes of this message were lost, but the heart of the message is still intact for you to listen to.)

A Worshipers Heart

Date: February 23, 2014 | Speaker:

For worship to be accepted by God, our heart must be right before Him. God knows every thought and intent of our heart. We cannot believe the lie that we can just do what we believe or feel to be the right thing and God will be pleased by it; just dropping some money in the offering plate or singing a song or praying a prayer are not accepted by God if our heart is not right. If we want our heart to be right before God, we must know what the bible says the heart is and how it can be right in His eyes.

The Unchanging God

Date: October 6, 2013 | Speaker:

Knowing that God doesn’t change, we understand that He is reliable, dependable, trustworthy, truthful. He is a rock; a cornerstone or foundation stone which secures a whole building. He will be our firm foundation for the trials and storms of life, we must simply be obedient. His attitude toward sin is always the same, his attitude toward a repentant sinner is always the same. We must live our lives in humble obedience to God.

Who is the God you know?

Date: September 29, 2013 | Speaker:

White light, shone through a glass prism, reveals all of the colors. Pure white light contains all of the colors; you do not have pure white light if you remove one of the colors or if they are out of balance. God’s attributes are like the colors in the color spectrum. If the God you know only consists of some of his attributes, do you really know who He is. You cannot accurately understand pure white light if you are missing certain colors, and you cannot accurately understand who God is, if you are missing certain attributes. If you do not know the God of “White Light”, do you actually know God … what’s stopping you?

The New Covenant

Our Covenant Keeping God

Date: August 11, 2013 | Speaker:

Covenant. It’s how God relates to man. There was an old covenant, as described in the Old Testament, and we should learn about it to know more about who God is. It was holy and good. Unfortunately, man was unfaithful to his side of the covenant. But God, out of mercy and love for us, has initiated a new covenant, and He has replaced the old covenant with the new. It is this new covenant that we refer to as the Good News; the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is described to us in the New Testament, and God has invited each one of us to accept and commit to His new covenant. When we do, He promises cleansing from our sins, and the blessing of new life. One that will last for eternity. Be encouraged as we reflect on the good news of God’s new covenant.

Being Willing To Do What You Can

Date: July 14, 2013 | Speaker:

There are people in the Bible whose names we know very well. Sermons are preached about them, Sunday School lessons are taught about them, even books have been written about them. But there is a hidden hero in the Bible who was highly praised by Paul for serving faithfully in the shadows and for simply being willing to do what he could. Are you serving the Lord without recognition or applause? Take heart! God sees your service, and He will reward you one day!

Surrendering Your Future to God’s Will

Date: January 6, 2013 | Speaker:

The night before Jesus went to the cross, He agonized over that step of obedience so deeply that the Bible says His soul was overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death! He asked His Father if there was any other way, but He concluded that prayer by saying, “…not my will, but Thy will be done.” Jesus was willing to surrender His future to God because he trusted His Father completely. He let go of everything that might have held Him back from total obedience. What about you? Is there anything holding you back from fully surrendering your future to God’s will?

Getting to the Root

Date: September 16, 2012 | Speaker:

When there’s an ugly weed in your flower bed, you know you must pull-up the root to prevent it from growing again. In the same way, when an ugly weed keeps popping-up in the life of a Christian, the remedy is no different. You must pull-up the root. Join us as we uncover some of the root issues that cause unnecessary hardships in the life of a believer.

Will Our Lives Count for Eternity?

Date: June 20, 2010 | Speaker:

Hours before His death, Jesus challenged His disciples to make sure their lives bore fruit… fruit that would LAST. When our lives come to an end, will what we’ve done be gone like fireworks exploding and then fading away, or will our lives bear fruit that will last for eternity?