Sermons from Isaiah

Trusting God in the Hard Seasons of Life

Date: January 29, 2012 | Speaker:

We all go through many different seasons in life. Some seasons bring laughter and comfort, while other seasons bring sorrow and pain. It is natural for us to pray and ask God to get us out of the difficult seasons as quickly as possible… but when we do, we fail to realize this vital principle: Whenever we choose to change God’s timing, we’re choosing to depart from God’s plan. Does God have you in a season of life right now that you wish He would hurry up and get you out of? If so, we pray that this message will be a great encouragement to you!

What Child is This?

Date: December 11, 2011 | Speaker:

Millions of people celebrate Christmas as just another holiday, with no acknowledgement of the very One Christmas is about. They see Christmas cards with a little baby on the front, but never stop long enough to ask, “What child is this?” But the truth is, this child cannot be ignored. His birth was unlike the birth of any other baby in history. His life has impacted the entire world like no other, and it forces all of us, sooner or later, to answer the question, “What child is this?”… and more importantly, “What decision have I made about Him?”

God on the Throne: A Picture of Holiness, Part 2

Date: February 6, 2011 | Speaker:

Whether you look through the telescope or the microscope, the majesty and greatness of God are on display for all to see. Each year brings new discoveries of giant galaxies that now number in the billions, and also new discoveries of the vast “galaxies” within the microscopic cells of our own bodies. One cannot help but feel small and be humbled when presented with the staggering enormity and brilliance of God’s creative handiwork. The holiness and majesty of God are so immense and overwhelming that we are once again brought to our knees in worship before Him!

God on the Throne: A Picture of Holiness, Part 1

Date: January 30, 2011 | Speaker:

How do you picture God? Is He an old man with a long white beard trying to keep up with everything in the universe? The Bible says God is a consuming fire; that He dwells in unapproachable light; that anyone who encounters His holy presence falls on their face in fear. Once we catch even a glimpse of God’s holiness, we are made utterly aware of our sinfulness, and that is the place where true revival can begin. Do you have a right view of God’s holiness?

Jesus: The Promise Received

Date: December 19, 2010 | Speaker:

The most amazing thought about Christmas is that the holy, all-powerful God of heaven came down and became one of us in order to show us the way. Christmas can all be summed up in four words: “God is with us.” Those four words forever changed history, and they are the same four words that can change every moment of our lives today. Whatever our circumstances, whatever life may bring, we can find peace and hope and meaning in knowing that God is with us!

Why Should I Believe the Bible? (Part 2)

Date: March 2, 2008 | Speaker:

The Bible claims to be the actual words of God; the absolute truth and final authority on life. Either it is or it isn’t… there’s no third option! But if the Bible is to be completely trusted, then it must be totally reliable and accurate in every area to which it speaks; not just doctrinally, but scientifically and historically as well. Today we uncover some stunning scientific and archaeological facts that the Bible wrote about centuries before man ever discovered them!