Sermons from John

A Life-Changing Encounter

Date: April 4, 2010 | Speaker:

When we’re young, we all have dreams of how our life will turn out, but as time goes by, life looks very different than we ever imagined. Hardships and struggles set in, and often our own sinful choices leave our life tattered and torn. All our best efforts to fix it on our own leave us frustrated. It is only through an encounter with Jesus Christ that our old life can be transformed and exchanged for the brand new life that He offers to us. Have you had an encounter with Jesus?

Pointing Others to the Light

Date: March 28, 2010 | Speaker:

God could have chosen any number of miraculous ways to announce the coming of the Light into the world, but instead, He chose a man named John the Baptist to spread the news. To this day, God continues to use ordinary people like us to spread His light into dark places. Are our lives touching others with the light of Christ?

When God Came Down

Date: March 21, 2010 | Speaker:

God has been trying to get your attention! For centuries God tried to draw near to mankind by bringing His fiery presence to earth or by speaking through the prophets, but man continued to turn away. Then God sent His final Word to earth by wrapping Himself in human flesh and coming to live among us to show us the way. God has spoken to us through Jesus, and now we all have a choice to make. How have you responded?

Jesus — There’s Something About That Name

Date: March 14, 2010 | Speaker:

Was Jesus really who He claimed to be — the Son of God sent to save the world? Can simple faith in Jesus truly change a person’s life and their eternal destiny? Join us as we embark on an amazing journey through the Gospel of John to explore the life of this man named Jesus who has become the central figure in all of human history. Come discover what difference Jesus really makes!

What Does God Want?

Date: January 3, 2010 | Speaker:

Over the course of our lifetime we get asked thousands of questions, but very few of those questions are truly life-changing. However, there is one question that should change everything for those of us who are Christ followers, and that question is simply this: “What does God want?” Knowing what God longs for more than anything else will transform our lives completely and give us purpose like never before! Do you know what God wants?

Dealing With Your Past

Date: October 25, 2009 | Speaker:

Far too many people who get married and have children, try to build their family on the shaky, cracked foundations of their past. But just as no building can stand tall and strong if built on a broken foundation, so no marriage will ever stand strong if problems from your past are not first dealt with. The Bible says if we hide our sins we will not prosper, but if we confess and forsake them, we will find mercy. Are there any areas of “rust” in your past that you have chosen to just paint over instead of dealing with? Rust will always eventually show through the paint! God calls us to deal with our past so that we can build a strong family on a clean, solid foundation.

A Personal Commitment

Date: September 27, 2009 | Speaker:

Everything in life is just talk until we make a personal commitment to actually DO it. So often, the difference between people God uses greatly and people He doesn’t use comes down to which person is fully committed to Him. Is there an area of your life that you have been hesitant to commit the Lord? Why not give it to Him today?

Committed to Worship

Date: July 19, 2009 | Speaker:

It’s easy to show up at a church service on Sunday morning and worship… but how many people are merely going through the motions? God does not accept worship if our hearts are far from Him and if our lives are not fully committed to Him. Do you know what God is looking for in your life before your worship will be pleasing to Him?

When God Messes Up Your Plans

Date: May 25, 2008 | Speaker:

The only way to follow God into the life’s purpose that He has for each of us is to let go of things that are holding us back. We must completely surrender to God and be willing to let Him mess up our plans. But none of us are good at surrendering. We all want to have things our own way. Yet the Bible makes it unmistakably clear that as followers of Christ, we must be willing to yield our plans to His plans and follow wherever He leads.

Why Should I Believe in Heaven?

Date: April 6, 2008 | Speaker:

Is heaven a real place or just a figment of our imagination? Is it merely the stuff of fairy tales and legends, or a real place that we can go when we die? How can we know for sure? If heaven is not real, then let’s live this life completely for ourselves and give no thought for eternity. But if heaven is real, what impact should it have on our lives right now?

Why Should I Believe in Jesus?

Date: March 23, 2008 | Speaker:

Jesus made some pretty outrageous claims during His time on  earth… claiming to be sent from God, claiming to be equal with God, claiming to have always existed, claiming to have the power to forgive sins, and most of all, claiming to rise from the dead. Why should anyone believe His claims? Today’s message looks at seven major historical evidences that lend remarkable proof to the claims of Jesus. If He truly was who He claimed to be, then the most important question in all of life is, “What will I do with Jesus?”