Sermons from Malachi

A Matter of Urgency

Date: June 11, 2023 | Speaker:

God is sovereign, and His power and authority rules over all creation. In this sovereignty, God presents all people with a choice… Follow His way that leads to life, or follow our own that leads to death. For those who choose His way, he then assigns to a mission… Tell others of the same choice He offers to them. They can accept or reject His way that leads to life. The mission is a matter of urgency! May this reminder inspire us all to action!

When Tyrants Rule the Land

Date: October 17, 2021 | Speaker:

The Bible says, “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when the wicked rule, the people groan.” During this past year we have witnessed an unprecedented number of evil leaders in our nation and around the world dismantling democracy and increasing their control over us. Sadly this is nothing new. Generations past have come under the tyrannical rule of power-hungry leaders, but when it’s all said and done, you can be sure that God will have the last word!

Are You Committing Spiritual Adultery?

Date: June 21, 2020 | Speaker:

Imagine a married couple saying how committed they are to each other, but then asking if they can still date other people. How disturbing that would be! Yet we often do the same thing as followers of Christ. We declare our total allegiance to Him while our hearts pursue idols of every kind. He has made it clear that He will not accept anything less than our total commitment. Are there any areas of your life that you still have not surrendered completely to Him?

A True Disciple Invests in Eternity

Date: November 11, 2018 | Speaker:

We have each been given a brief span of years on this earth. During our lifetime we can choose to invest our thoughts, our time and our treasures in the things of this world, or we can choose to invest them in eternity. Jesus said if we live for earthly things, we will actually miss life altogether, but if we live for Him and the gospel, we will discover what true life really is. So, when you take an honest look at your life, where are you investing yourself?

The Standard of Giving

Date: November 1, 2015 | Speaker:

The Bible clearly commands us to be generous, joyful givers of all that God has given to us, but exactly how much are we supposed to give? In the Old Testament, God demanded a 10% tithe, but is that still true for us as New Testament Christians? What really is the standard of giving for us as followers of Christ, and is it actually possible to become a joyful giver rather than a disgruntled one? Everyone has their opinion on this matter, but find out what the Bible really says!

The Cost of the Great Commission

Date: June 7, 2015 | Speaker:

Jesus made it unmistakably clear that it was impossible to follow Him without a cost. But too often we think of the ‘cost’ in terms of something that probably only applies to other people, not to us. This kind of thinking has caused the weight of the Great Commission to fall on the shoulders of a few, while the majority simply stand by and look on. The fact is, the mission of Christ will never be carried out without a high cost. Are you willing to be a part of it?

Giving Ourselves Completely to God

Giving Our Thoughts to God

Date: January 11, 2015 | Speaker:

Someone once said, “Sow a thought, reap an action; sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny.” Our thoughts are so important, they will ultimately determine the course of our lives. Romans 12:2 tells us that we will either be conformed to the world or conformed to Christ based on what we think about. It also tells us that we will either find God’s will or miss it based on what we think about. It is absolutely vital that we learn how to surrender our thoughts to God so that our lives will be shaped by His thoughts, not ours.

The Unchanging God

Date: October 6, 2013 | Speaker:

Knowing that God doesn’t change, we understand that He is reliable, dependable, trustworthy, truthful. He is a rock; a cornerstone or foundation stone which secures a whole building. He will be our firm foundation for the trials and storms of life, we must simply be obedient. His attitude toward sin is always the same, his attitude toward a repentant sinner is always the same. We must live our lives in humble obedience to God.

Steward Our Lives

Date: February 7, 2010 | Speaker:

God never intended for us to keep 100% of what He gives us, but rather to invest some of it back into His mission on this earth. As you think about your time, talents, treasures, truth, and relationships, which area of your life are you managing well? Which area is God pinpointing that needs to be managed better? Is there anything you are holding onto that God wants you to release for His use?


Date: April 27, 2008 | Speaker:

Talking about “Giving” should not be something that we, as followers of Jesus Christ, should dread. The truth is, God has given us the incredible opportunity of partnering with Him in the greatest adventure of a lifetime — being involved in His Kingdom work! Jesus said that the location of our treasure indicates the location of our heart, and if we are investing our treasure into eternal things, our heart will be there also. This encouraging sermon will give you a fresh perspective on giving!

A God Worth Worshiping

Date: January 27, 2008 | Speaker:

Did you know it is possible to worship God and have all the right elements in place, to do and say all the right things, but to actually be worshiping Him in vain? The Bible tells of times when God’s people were going through the motions of worship, but their hearts were far from Him, and it describes how much this broke God’s heart and angered Him. If we could ever catch a glimpse of who God really is — how powerful and holy and awesome He is — our worship would never be the same again! All other things would disappear from view, and we would worship God as He truly deserves.