Unravel – Part 3

Do you ever feel confused or overwhelmed trying to understand the whole Bible? Who wouldn’t? It’s a book with 1,189 chapters and almost 800,000 words! Join us for this teaching series as we study through the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation. We’ll help connect the dots, fill in the missing pieces, and unravel the mysteries you may have wondered about for years. The Bible will come alive for you like never before!

Sermon Title Date Speaker
Don’t Spend Your Life Going Nowhere May 10, 2020
The Blessing of Being Thirsty May 17, 2020
The Cure for the Curse of Sin May 24, 2020
The Unseen Protection of God May 31, 2020
When Will We Ever Learn? June 7, 2020
Instructions for Life June 14, 2020
Are You Committing Spiritual Adultery? June 21, 2020
Destroying the Idols in Your Heart July 5, 2020
The Part of Worship We Tend to Ignore July 12, 2020
Are You Headed Toward Spiritual Excellence? July 19, 2020
Our Refuge from the Storms of Life July 26, 2020
The Choice of a Lifetime August 2, 2020
Trusting God to the Very End August 9, 2020
Following God in Days of Uncertainty August 30, 2020
Don’t Let Your Sin Keep You From God September 6, 2020
Don’t Wait for a Better Time to Follow God September 13, 2020
The Danger of Living in Disobedience September 20, 2020
Seek the Lord While He May Be Found September 27, 2020
When Victory is Followed by Defeat October 4, 2020
You Can’t Follow God by Accident October 18, 2020
The Downward Spiral of Sin November 1, 2020
The Spiritual Collapse of a Nation November 8, 2020
God’s Light of Hope in Dark Times November 15, 2020
From Barrenness to Blessedness January 10, 2021
When God Goes Silent January 17, 2021
God is Not Your Good Luck Charm January 24, 2021
Exchanging God for Other Things January 31, 2021
Highlights From a Wasted Life February 7, 2021
Learning to See How God Sees February 14, 2021
Will You Defend God’s Honor? February 21, 2021
What Kind of Legacy Will You Leave? February 28, 2021
Don’t Put Your Hope in the Wrong Leader March 21, 2021
The Fall of a King and the Mercy of God March 28, 2021
What Do You Want from God? April 11, 2021
If God Came to Live With You… April 18, 2021
The Secret to Being Fully Satisfied April 25, 2021
The Priority and Power of Worship May 16, 2021
Words That Will Save Your Life May 23, 2021
The Love of a Lifetime May 30, 2021
Getting Everything but Having Nothing June 6, 2021
Having a Strong Faith in Weak Times June 13, 2021
Not All Prophets Are True Prophets June 20, 2021
Obeying God When it Doesn’t Make Sense July 11, 2021
Turning Our Hearts Back to God July 18, 2021
God’s Faithfulness in Our Failures July 25, 2021
God is Calling. Are You Listening? August 1, 2021
Surrendering the Throne of Your Heart August 8, 2021
Your Last Day On Earth August 15, 2021
Rejoicing in the Abundant Grace of God August 22, 2021
It Shall Be Well September 19, 2021
The Disease You Can Never Cure September 26, 2021
Surrounded by Truth but Living a Lie October 3, 2021
Opening Our Eyes to the Spiritual Realm October 10, 2021
When Tyrants Rule the Land October 17, 2021
You Can’t Live on Borrowed Faith October 24, 2021
Will You Leave a Godly Legacy? October 31, 2021

Divine Delays: When Prayers Seem Unanswered

Date: March 31, 2024 | Speaker:

Martha has just endured the heartbreaking loss of her brother, and now, disappointment is mingled with grief because Jesus didn’t respond to her plea for help in time. Yet, in the depths of her despair, a glimmer of hope persists as she turns to Jesus with her burden. Her unwavering faith amidst sorrow serves as a powerful challenge for us all—to lean on Jesus in our darkest hours. Witnessing Jesus’ transformative power, Martha’s “what now?” becomes an “even now” moment, displaying His sovereignty even in life’s chaos. If you’re grappling with unanswered prayers, take heart and continue to trust in Him. His timing is perfect, no matter what trials you are facing.

Finding Hope When Hope is Gone

Date: March 24, 2023 | Speaker:

As the prophet Jeremiah stood amidst the smoldering ruins of his beloved city, he was overcome with grief and hopelessness. What made it even more painful is that he knew this devastation could have been avoided if the nation had only listened to God. But at his lowest point of despair, he remembered God’s faithfulness, and calling this to mind renewed his faltering hope. When your world seems to be crumbling around you, and you feel overwhelmed by the struggles and pain of life, shift your focus back to God’s goodness, trusting that He is ruling over it all and that your hope should rest in Him alone.

Where Will You Stand When It Matters Most?

Date: March 17, 2023 | Speaker:

We all assume that if we were ever faced with the choice of standing up for Christ or being put to death, we would stand boldly in our faith without wavering. But would we? World War II exposed the stark contrast between Christians who turned a blind eye to evil and those like Dietrich Bonhoeffer who stood against it, even at the cost of their own lives. In Ezekiel’s time, God searched for one person willing to stand in the gap for Him, but He found no one! Instead, His people chose to go along with the wickedness around them. As our world continues to drift further away from God, Christians must consider their own response. Will you be the one to stand in the gap for God, even when it seems like no one else will?

The Significance of Our Testimony

Date: March 10, 2024 | Speaker:

A testimony can be a powerful thing, and the use of a testimony goes right back to God, Himself, when He wrote His testimony of entering into covenant with His people, Israel. God also did this in His New Covenant, and though there are similarities, His New Covenant is far better than the old. Jesus is the mediator of this New Covenant, and through Him, we can experience all that God has provided for us. Join us as we look at the significance of our testimony.

God Can Rewrite Your Story!

Date: February 25, 2023 | Speaker:

Have you ever felt trapped by your past or current circumstances, like you’re destined to repeat the same mistakes over and over? It may seem as though the deck has been stacked against you because of your upbringing, but there is a way to break free from those shackles. Don’t believe the lie that your past has already written the script for your future and you have no way to change it! Through Christ, you can rise above whatever has enslaved you and create a new legacy of faith for yourself and future generations. The choice is yours. Will you turn to the Lord and discover the life and freedom that await you?

Heart Insurance: Safeguarding Your Faith

Date: February 18, 2024 | Speaker:

Our society spends millions of dollars annually to ensure the safety of material possessions and personal well-being. We have insurance for our house, car, health, life, and even our pets! We put our money in FDIC-insured bank accounts, buy identity protection, and keep our valuables under lock and key. But do we go to the same lengths to protect ourselves from the idols that contend for the throne of our hearts? It’s so easy to make small compromises in our faith that don’t seem to pose any threat, but if left unchecked, those very things can eventually lure us away from God. Discover how an entire nation was destroyed because they failed to guard their hearts against sin, and learn from their example how to keep our hearts a holy place, untainted by the idols of this age.

The Cost of God’s Enduring Grace

Date: February 11, 2024 | Speaker:

If you ever feel like God is being unfair or that His judgments are too harsh, just remember the enduring patience and boundless love He extended to His rebellious people for 390 years! Today’s sermon reveals the unimaginable lengths God goes to in order to call His people back to Himself, even amidst their defiance. The fact is that God has patiently endured humanity’s betrayal for centuries, and He is still extending His patience to us today. God’s grace outlasts our sin, offering redemption and restoration to all who turn to Him. May we gain a deeper gratitude for God’s mercy and the profound sacrifice that opened the way to redemption through Jesus Christ.

Beyond Your Abilities: Finding Strength in God’s Spirit

Date: February 4, 2023 | Speaker:

Have you ever been prompted by God to do something so daunting or beyond your abilities that it left you paralyzed in fear? Maybe it was an invitation to teach your first Sunday School class, share your faith with an unfriendly neighbor, or go on a mission trip to a dangerous land. Even though you may feel incapable, don’t spend one more day hesitating! God has promised to empower you for whatever He calls you to do, regardless of the challenges you may face. God gave Ezekiel a task that terrified him, but his response challenges us to find strength in God’s Spirit and trust in His ultimate plan, no matter how overwhelming it may seem. Remember, the same God who empowered Ezekiel will empower you!

The Incomprehensible Majesty of God

Date: January 28, 2023 | Speaker:

It has been said that what comes to our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us. Your view of God—right or wrong—will define your entire relationship with Him, so make absolutely sure it is based on truth. Our tendency is to create a god who is just like us; one we can manage and manipulate. But the God of heaven is not confined by our limited intellect or controlled by our expectations. The complexity of His glory extends far beyond our wildest imagination. Have you reduced God to something He is not? Have you created a god in your own image? You need a fresh look at who God really is and allow His vastness to bring you to your knees before Him!

Stop Trying to Earn God’s Approval

Date: January 21, 2023 | Speaker:

Are you still trying to earn God’s love by keeping a long list of religious rules? Does the constant effort to be good enough leave you weary and wondering if you will ever measure up? It’s time to let go of the burdensome shackles of performance-based religion and embrace the incredible benefits of the new covenant Jesus made possible through his sacrificial death on the cross. It’s no longer about observing external rules and regulations. Jesus fulfilled all of those old requirements on your behalf, washed all your sins away, and you can now stand completely righteous before God! Don’t live another day trying to please God through your own efforts. Start living in the new life of God’s grace, forgiveness, and acceptance!