Unravel – Part 3

Do you ever feel confused or overwhelmed trying to understand the whole Bible? Who wouldn’t? It’s a book with 1,189 chapters and almost 800,000 words! Join us for this teaching series as we study through the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation. We’ll help connect the dots, fill in the missing pieces, and unravel the mysteries you may have wondered about for years. The Bible will come alive for you like never before!

(If you’re new to this series, you can start with Unravel Part 1)

Sermon Title Date Speaker
Don’t Spend Your Life Going Nowhere May 10, 2020
The Blessing of Being Thirsty May 17, 2020
The Cure for the Curse of Sin May 24, 2020
The Unseen Protection of God May 31, 2020
When Will We Ever Learn? June 7, 2020
Instructions for Life June 14, 2020
Are You Committing Spiritual Adultery? June 21, 2020
Destroying the Idols in Your Heart July 5, 2020
The Part of Worship We Tend to Ignore July 12, 2020
Are You Headed Toward Spiritual Excellence? July 19, 2020
Our Refuge from the Storms of Life July 26, 2020
The Choice of a Lifetime August 2, 2020
Trusting God to the Very End August 9, 2020
Following God in Days of Uncertainty August 30, 2020
Don’t Let Your Sin Keep You From God September 6, 2020
Don’t Wait for a Better Time to Follow God September 13, 2020
The Danger of Living in Disobedience September 20, 2020
Seek the Lord While He May Be Found September 27, 2020
When Victory is Followed by Defeat October 4, 2020
You Can’t Follow God by Accident October 18, 2020
The Downward Spiral of Sin November 1, 2020
The Spiritual Collapse of a Nation November 8, 2020
God’s Light of Hope in Dark Times November 15, 2020
From Barrenness to Blessedness January 10, 2021
When God Goes Silent January 17, 2021
God is Not Your Good Luck Charm January 24, 2021
Exchanging God for Other Things January 31, 2021
Highlights From a Wasted Life February 7, 2021
Learning to See How God Sees February 14, 2021
Will You Defend God’s Honor? February 21, 2021
What Kind of Legacy Will You Leave? February 28, 2021
Don’t Put Your Hope in the Wrong Leader March 21, 2021
The Fall of a King and the Mercy of God March 28, 2021
What Do You Want from God? April 11, 2021
If God Came to Live With You… April 18, 2021
The Secret to Being Fully Satisfied April 25, 2021
The Priority and Power of Worship May 16, 2021
Words That Will Save Your Life May 23, 2021
The Love of a Lifetime May 30, 2021
Getting Everything but Having Nothing June 6, 2021
Having a Strong Faith in Weak Times June 13, 2021
Not All Prophets Are True Prophets June 20, 2021
Obeying God When it Doesn’t Make Sense July 11, 2021
Turning Our Hearts Back to God July 18, 2021
God’s Faithfulness in Our Failures July 25, 2021
God is Calling. Are You Listening? August 1, 2021
Surrendering the Throne of Your Heart August 8, 2021
Your Last Day On Earth August 15, 2021
Rejoicing in the Abundant Grace of God August 22, 2021
It Shall Be Well September 19, 2021
The Disease You Can Never Cure September 26, 2021
Surrounded by Truth but Living a Lie October 3, 2021
Opening Our Eyes to the Spiritual Realm October 10, 2021
When Tyrants Rule the Land October 17, 2021
You Can’t Live on Borrowed Faith October 24, 2021
Will You Leave a Godly Legacy? October 31, 2021

Ecuador and India Missions Update

Date: January 9, 2022 | Speaker:

We’re so thankful to see all that God is doing through the faithful people of LifePoint Church right here in our own city. But we’re also grateful for the doors God continues to open for us to go and minister in other parts of the world. Today we hear stirring and encouraging reports from mission work in Ecuador with child sex trafficking, and from India with children forced into poverty and slavery.

What Is Baptism All About?

Date: January 2, 2022 | Speaker:

To people outside the church, baptism seems like a strange ritual. Why dunk people under water? What does that mean, and what does it accomplish? Does getting baptized mean you’ll go to heaven? Can anyone be baptized? In this brief message we’ll answer those and other important questions by seeing what the Bible actually says about baptism.

Glory of God

Date: December 26, 2021 | Speaker:

The glory of God is expressed in the person, character and nature of Jesus Christ. The cross is the ultimate expression of the glory of God on earth with reference to God the Father (His love, grace, mercy) and to Jesus Christ (His humble submission in obedience to the will and predetermined plan of God the Father). The outworking of the glory of God in the cross is salvation and eternal life to lost humanity. When born again believers live out the character of Jesus Christ, believers are glorifying God and reflecting His light. This is only able to be achieved through the ministry of the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Longing for His Return

Date: December 19, 2021 | Speaker:

Have you ever been stuck in a faraway airport after a long, exhausting trip, watching one flight after another being canceled? You’re tired and hungry, and all you want in that moment is to be home! The struggles and trials of life often remind us that our real home is in heaven, and make us wish we could be there now. In the midst of it all, remember, Jesus is coming back, and when He does, all things will be made new!

Rejoicing at His Birth

Date: December 12, 2021 | Speaker:

Expectant parents eagerly await the birth of their first baby, and when it arrives, they share the good news with everyone! The birth of Jesus was highly anticipated and joyfully announced by angels. But sadly, Jesus was hated and rejected most of His life, even right up to His death. This Christmas, let’s take some time to fully appreciate all that He endured to bring salvation to us.

Waiting for His Coming

Date: December 5, 2021 | Speaker:

For generations God’s faithful few waited for the promised Savior to come. But as the evil around them grew darker by the day, the flame of hope in their hearts flickered and almost went out. Still, they waited faithfully, and when the Savior finally arrived, He brought light into their dark world. Are you in that light today, or are you still walking in darkness?

Remembering What God Has Done for You

Date: November 28, 2021 | Speaker:

In the rush of life it’s easy to get distracted and lose sight of what’s most important. The Bible tells us again and again to set time aside to remember all that God has done for us. If you’re feeling far away from God or wondering if He still cares about you, the best thing you can do is to stop and recall how his mercy and grace have changed your life. Why not pause right now and give Him the thanks He deserves.

Don’t Be Left Out of the Banquet!

Date: November 14, 2021 | Speaker:

God has an incredible plan for expanding His family. One that ensures many children will dwell with Him and His Son for eternity. It’s a plan that culminates with a wedding banquet to which we have all been invited. But to be included in this banquet, we must adhere to the requirements for attendance. Don’t overlook these truths and be left out of the banquet! Tune-in, be encouraged, and be ready!

I’m Outta Here

Date: November 7, 2021 | Speaker:

We don’t have to travel far to be outside the will of God. All of us have deliberately strayed away from God at times, and we have all experienced the emptiness that ultimately comes with that choice. But even when we reach our lowest point, the Father is constantly looking and longing for us to come home; and when we do, He welcomes us back with open arms! Are you away from God today? Come back to Him right now and receive the love and forgiveness that He is waiting to give you.

Will You Leave a Godly Legacy?

Date: October 31, 2021 | Speaker:

Whether we realize it or not, all of us will leave a legacy after we die, and the kind of legacy we leave will be determined by the life we’re living right now. If we remain committed to living for Christ and loving others, then we can pass on a godly legacy to those who come after us. The end of your life does not have to be the end of the impact your life will have. Your faith can go on living long after you’re gone!