Sermons about Faithfulness

Are You Being Faithful Where You Are?

Date: July 10, 2011 | Speaker:

Someone once said, “If you can’t be faithful where you are, you won’t be faithful where you ain’t.” We spend far too much of our lives “planning on” being faithful to God “one day.” We think, when we have more money, we’ll give… when we have more time, we’ll serve. But God is not interested in what we’re planning on doing for Him 10 years from now if we’re not being faithful today. Are you being faithful right now where you are with what you have?

Mary: The Promise Conceived

Date: December 12, 2010 | Speaker:

As we celebrate Christmas, let’s remember that Christmas is really all about a promise. Actually, it’s all about “The Promise.” When Adam & Eve chose to disobey God, Satan thought he had won, but in Genesis 3:15 God promised to one day send a Savior into the world who would crush Satan and conquer sin. From that moment on, mankind carried the heavy burden of sin, until that glorious night when The Promise was born in a manger, and proved once and for all that God always keeps His promises.

Trusting God in the In-Between Times

Date: August 22, 2010 | Speaker:

Nobody likes to see the sign: “Detour Ahead – Expect Delays.” It means we’ll have to take a route we didn’t plan on, and we’ll arrive later than we wanted to. In the Christian life, God often uses delays to make us wait on Him, and detours to take us on a different course of life than we had ever planned. But if we see life through God’s eyes, we will learn to trust the delays and detours, knowing that God’s ways are always best!

Steward Our Lives

Date: February 7, 2010 | Speaker:

God never intended for us to keep 100% of what He gives us, but rather to invest some of it back into His mission on this earth. As you think about your time, talents, treasures, truth, and relationships, which area of your life are you managing well? Which area is God pinpointing that needs to be managed better? Is there anything you are holding onto that God wants you to release for His use?

A Courageous Soul

Date: October 4, 2009 | Speaker:

The final sermon in this series is a warning to let you know the reality of what you will face if you do step out and live a life of holy ambition. Whenever we step out to follow God, we can expect to face attacks from the enemy, just as Nehemiah did. We will be criticized and ridiculed, we will face discouragement and doubt, and we must determine beforehand that we are going to have a courageous soul or we will cave in under the opposition. Are you going to finish what God has called you to, despite the difficulties?

A Personal Commitment

Date: September 27, 2009 | Speaker:

Everything in life is just talk until we make a personal commitment to actually DO it. So often, the difference between people God uses greatly and people He doesn’t use comes down to which person is fully committed to Him. Is there an area of your life that you have been hesitant to commit the Lord? Why not give it to Him today?

Committed to the Mission

Date: July 5, 2009 | Speaker:

Churches everywhere are filled with people who have made a commitment to Jesus… but many of those people have never made a commitment to the “mission” of Jesus. They took a step towards the cross to be saved, but they have never taken the next step to go beyond the cross and live out their lives for the cause of Christ. Today’s messages challenges us to not just make a commitment to Jesus, but to make a commitment to the mission of Jesus as well.

Giving God His Due

Date: February 8, 2009 | Speaker:

In these tough economic times, giving to God is often the first thing we cut from our budget in order to stretch our income further. But do we really understand the biblical principles behind this issue, and the consequences of keeping what rightfully belongs to God? During these hard times, may we continue to demonstrate our faith by giving God His due.

Your Labor is Not in Vain!

Date: January 4, 2009 | Speaker:

Have you ever felt discouraged because you aren’t seeing the kind of results you would like to see from your labor for the Lord? The Bible challenges us to not become weary in doing good because we know that our labor in the Lord is not in vain, and we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Today’s message will encourage you and give you hope to press on even in the dry times!

Seeing With God’s Vision

Date: June 1, 2008 | Speaker:

Our purpose on this earth is not just to step into God’s mission for a few weeks or a few months, but to finish the mission by reaching the destination God has for us. Will we get distracted by the mirages along the way like the Israelites in the wilderness, or will we see past them with God’s vision and fulfill our purpose on this earth?

A God Worth Serving

Date: January 20, 2008 | Speaker:

There are two kinds of Christians: those who serve the Lord with joy and gladness, and those who do it out of a sense of obligation and duty. The first group understands how much the Lord has done for them and they serve Him out of a heart overflowing with gratitude. The second group has forgotten the extent of love the Lord has shown them, and some of them even think God owes them something. The Bible says that each one of us has a vital role to play in the Body of Christ, and that we must each do our part. Are you doing your part with a joyful spirit or with a complaining attitude?