Sermons about God's Mercy

Can I Lose My Salvation?

Date: January 22, 2017 | Speaker:

Have you ever flown standby? You’re always left wondering if you’re going to get a seat on the flight or not, and it can make you feel anxious and uncertain. Sadly, this is how many Christians see their relationship with Jesus. They live every day in constant fear, wondering if they’ve lost their salvation. If that describes you, listen to this message and discover what the Bible says about your eternal security.

Do You Want to Get Well?

Date: July 31, 2016 | Speaker:

Surely no one would ever walk up to a sick person and ask if he really wanted to get well; unless the one asking the question knew that this person had deeper issues that first needed to be dealt with. Even as Christians, we can get stuck in ruts of sin or excuses that keep us immobilized, and sometimes we prefer to just stay there. Are there any ruts in your life that you need to get out of?

Remembering God’s Faithfulness

Date: December 6, 2015 | Speaker:

Today we stop and look back over the years to remember God’s faithfulness to us as a church family. It is astounding and humbling to see just how good God has been to us along every mile of our journey, from the very first day until now. Join us as we give thanks to our gracious heavenly Father for His unending faithfulness to us.

Giving Ourselves Completely to God

Living in Response to God’s Mercy

Date: January 4, 2015 | Speaker:

In a culture that constantly urges us to strive to get ahead, to climb the ladder of success, to never settle for second place… what motivation could there possibly be to completely surrender our lives to the will of someone else? This command of Jesus comes as a startling shock to our senses. Surely no one would ever demand such a thing! And yet that’s precisely what Jesus demands. Could there be any reason compelling enough to make us not only obey this command, but to do it willingly?

Walking in the New Life, Part 1: The Truth About Sin

Date: June 17, 2012 | Speaker:

In order to rise-up beyond the lowlands of salvation, we must first be resolute in our understanding of God’s character when it comes to sin. God has not changed, and repentance is a foundation stone on which the new life must be built.

Following the Heart of God

Date: August 28, 2011 | Speaker:

When Jonah rebelled against God and got thrown overboard into the ocean, God would have had every right to let him drown. But once again we see the gracious heart of God in Jonah 3:1 – The word of the Lord came to Jonah a SECOND TIME. Where would any of us be right now if we had not been given a second chance by God? His mercy and patience are astounding. But the question is, what have we done with the second chances God has given us? Are we using them to live for ourselves or to live out His mission?

Rescued by the Heart of God

Date: August 21, 2011 | Speaker:

Jonah’s rebellion ended up getting him thrown into the sea to drown, and in reality, he was getting exactly what he deserved. But once again we see the loving heart of God; that His grace is bigger than our failures. God sent a great fish to swallow Jonah, and although Jonah thought that fish was going to be the death of him, it turned out to be the very thing God used to rescue him. What “fish” is in your life right now that you think is going to be the death of you? That may be the very thing God will use to rescue you!

God’s Goodness in Hard Times

Date: October 28, 2007 | Speaker:

From a very dark time in history when corruption was rampant and every man did what was right in his own eyes, there emerges a story of grace and hope. A young woman named Ruth makes a choice to follow God, and her life is forever changed. Regardless of how dark or hopeless your surroundings may be, you can be that one person who chooses to rise above it all, follow God, and make a difference!