Sermons about Prayer

Waiting on the Lord: A Mother’s Story

Date: May 13, 2018 | Speaker:

Hannah was barren for many years until God heard her cry out to Him. He answered her prayers, and Hannah gave birth to one of the greatest prophets Israel ever had. Like Hannah, we should pray without ceasing with confidence that He will hear our prayers.

What Happens When the Church Prays?

Date: March 18, 2018 | Speaker:

Prayer… Christians talk about it, preach about it and write books about it, but how much time do we actually spend praying? We have so many resources at our disposal that prayer has become a last resort. The early church prayed like their lives depended on it, and as a result, God moved in powerful ways! The church today has lots of activity, but very little power, and we will never have that power until we get back on our knees.

Are You Winning the Spiritual Battle?

Date: March 11, 2018 | Speaker:

Whether we ever think about it or not, there is a fierce spiritual battle being waged against us, and if we do not fight this war with the tools God has given us, we will give in to temptation and become victims of Satan’s attacks. Our enemy is powerful, and we cannot possibly stand against him in our own strength. But although he is strong, our heavenly Father is stronger, and we must look to Him for protection and victory. So, are you winning or losing this battle?

Whose Kingdom Are You Building?

Date: February 4, 2018 | Speaker:

We’ve all heard the phrase “Your kingdom come” since we were little kids, and it might mean nothing more to us than just words in a prayer. But it is much more than words. It is a life to be lived. How do people see and experience God’s Kingdom? They do so through us. When we live each day surrendered to the rule and reign of God as our King, others will be touched by His truth and love, and the kingdom will continue to expand.

Do You Know Who You’re Talking To?

Date: January 28, 2018 | Speaker:

How do you come to God in prayer? Do you see Him as a distant being who probably has little or no personal interest in you, or perhaps as a stern boss you are reluctant to approach? The opening line of the Lord’s Prayer teaches us the correct view we must have of God. He is our loving Father, but He is also the holy God of heaven, and in that, we find both the comfort and the confidence we need to pray.

Are We Praying?

Date: September 25, 2016 | Speaker:

What is the greatest resource the church has? Is it gifted preachers? Entertaining programs? Abundant finances? Best-selling books? No, it is none of those things. When the early church was facing threats from the powerful Jewish leaders and the mighty Roman empire, they used the only resource they had — prayer, and that one resource alone was more powerful than every tool the church uses today!

What If We Understood the Power of Prayer?

Date: September 27, 2015 | Speaker:

Throughout history, the great moves of God have always been preceded by earnest prayer. Immediately after the early church had spent ten days in prayer, they shook Jerusalem to its knees. D.L. Moody said that behind every move of God you will always find some kneeling form. Could it be that the reason we’re not seeing that kind of power in our churches in America today is because we’re not praying? What might God do through us if we understood the power of prayer?

What If We Understood the Privilege of Prayer?

Date: September 20, 2015 | Speaker:

For many Christians, prayer is something they only think about in a crisis. Churches have also filled their calendars with so many activities that prayer meetings have become a thing of the past. But what they fail to realize is, there is no effective substitute for prayer. None! When we neglect prayer, we are missing out on one of the greatest privileges in life. What might happen if we really understood the privilege of prayer?

Go! But Before You Go… Wait!

Date: May 3, 2015 | Speaker:

Jesus sent His followers on an urgent mission to take the gospel to the entire world. But before they were allowed to go, He told them to wait. Wait for what? If the mission was so important, what could possibly be more important than going? During the next ten days in the upper room, they discovered the power of prayer that would transform their lives and propel them into this mission with a supernatural boldness not their own. Have we discovered that same power?

A Call to Prayer

Date: August 17, 2014 | Speaker:

How strange would it be in any church if the pastor stopped right in the middle of the service, canceled the plans for the morning, and called the entire church to a prayer meeting right then and there? Would people feel awkward? Would they leave? Would visitors ever come back? Well that’s exactly what happened at LifePoint Church this morning, and instead of anyone leaving or being offended, the power of God moved mightily, and lives were greatly impacted. Oh that we would remember the power of prayer!

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