Sermons about Faith

Walking in the New Life, Part 2: Our Justification

Date: June 24, 2012 | Speaker:

Romans 8 is an exciting proclamation of what the new life is all about. Paul opens the chapter by laying the cornerstone of our faith, and then goes on to describe to us the vital role of the mind in the new life of a believer.

Living a Life of Dangerous Faith

Date: January 16, 2011 | Speaker:

When is the last time you took a step of faith that terrified you? How long has it been? Are you going through life with only “memories” of times long ago when you stepped out on faith? If God seems to be cutting away the safety harnesses in your life and stripping you of the things you’ve been depending on, it may be that He is inviting you into a fresh opportunity to walk with Him at a place where your faith will grow to a whole new level. Will you step out and risk something for Him this year instead of being content to live on yesterday’s faith?

Joseph: The Promise Believed

Date: December 5, 2010 | Speaker:

As we celebrate Christmas, let’s remember that Christmas is really all about a promise. Actually, it’s all about “The Promise.” When Adam and Eve chose to disobey God, Satan thought he had won, but in Genesis 3:15 God promised to one day send a Savior into the world who would crush Satan and conquer sin. From that moment on, mankind carried the heavy burden of sin, until that glorious night when The Promise was born in a manger, and proved once and for all that God always keeps His promises.

Finding Hope in a Hopeless Situation

Date: June 6, 2010 | Speaker:

Have you ever found yourself facing a desperate situation… the clock is ticking… time is running out… and it seems like God is ignoring you? Has he heard your prayers? Will He ever show up? If you’ve been there, or you’re there now, take heart in today’s message from John 11 where a family learned that even though Jesus delayed, His delay brought about a far greater purpose than they could have ever imagined.

When the Need Exceeds the Resources

Date: May 2, 2010 | Speaker:

When faced with the impossible problem of feeding the five thousand, the disciples were unable to come up with a solution because they failed to factor Jesus into the equation. And yet, in the hands of Jesus, one boy’s small lunch became a miraculous meal that satisfied thousands. What impossible situation are you facing today? Have you remembered to factor Jesus into the equation and leave room for a miracle?

The Outrageous Claims of Jesus

Date: April 25, 2010 | Speaker:

Throughout history people have made many outrageous claims, but no one has ever made more outrageous claims than Jesus. If He were not able to back up those claims, He would be nothing short of a madman! And yet every single claim He made has proven to be true. What impact do His claims have on our lives today, and what decision have you made about this most important man in history?

A Strategic Plan

Date: September 20, 2009 | Speaker:

Most people spend more time planning their vacation than they ever do planning to be used by God. But without a strategic plan, our best intentions will never become reality. So, what is your plan for your life? Your marriage? Your family? Your personal ministry? Do you have one? Plans clarify the vision and get us moving in the right direction. Planning shows faith in the vision God has given us… and God will move mightily through that kind of faith!

A Radical Faith

Date: September 13, 2009 | Speaker:

While a “dislocated heart” and a “broken spirit” may be private matters, a “radical faith” is public. It means stepping out to obey God’s will and putting it all on the line, regardless of the cost. Faith is the thing God longs to see in us most of all. Has God put a specific burden on your heart that may soon require a step of faith? If so, what is it? What would it look like for you to take a radical step of faith towards such a need? How will you respond?


Date: April 27, 2008 | Speaker:

Talking about “Giving” should not be something that we, as followers of Jesus Christ, should dread. The truth is, God has given us the incredible opportunity of partnering with Him in the greatest adventure of a lifetime — being involved in His Kingdom work! Jesus said that the location of our treasure indicates the location of our heart, and if we are investing our treasure into eternal things, our heart will be there also. This encouraging sermon will give you a fresh perspective on giving!

A God Worth Trusting

Date: January 13, 2008 | Speaker:

As we go through life, we all experience what it’s like to have our trust broken — in relationships, in business deals, through false advertising — and the list goes on. We quickly learn that trust is a very fragile thing that is as easily broken as a spider’s web. All those experiences teach us to become cautious, even skeptical of others. And then along comes God, and the very first thing He asks us to do is to put our trust in Him! But how can we know for sure that God is worth trusting; that He won’t let us down like others have?