Sermons about Thankfulness

Remembering God’s Faithfulness

Date: December 6, 2015 | Speaker:

Today we stop and look back over the years to remember God’s faithfulness to us as a church family. It is astounding and humbling to see just how good God has been to us along every mile of our journey, from the very first day until now. Join us as we give thanks to our gracious heavenly Father for His unending faithfulness to us.

While We Were Still Sinners

Date: November 29, 2015 | Speaker:

Who would you die for? Most of us would be quick to say that we would die for our children, our spouse, and perhaps even a small select group of others; but that’s the easy answer. Would you die for a murderer? Would you die for a rapist? Would you die for a member of ISIS? The fact is, Jesus did die for those people, and His selfless sacrifice makes it possible for all of us sinners to be made right with God forever!

Giving Ourselves Completely to God

Living in Response to God’s Mercy

Date: January 4, 2015 | Speaker:

In a culture that constantly urges us to strive to get ahead, to climb the ladder of success, to never settle for second place… what motivation could there possibly be to completely surrender our lives to the will of someone else? This command of Jesus comes as a startling shock to our senses. Surely no one would ever demand such a thing! And yet that’s precisely what Jesus demands. Could there be any reason compelling enough to make us not only obey this command, but to do it willingly?

Forgetting God

Date: November 30, 2014 | Speaker:

The Bible tells us that the Israelites repeatedly forgot God, despite all the miracles they had seen, and despite all the blessings God had given to them. It’s easy for us to read that and say, “I would certainly never forget God!” Yet, if we take an honest look at our lives, the truth is, we forget God all the time in ways we might not even realize. Today’s message warns us of the subtle dangers of forgetfulness, and encourages us to give thanks to God for all His goodness to us.

How To Be Thankful

Date: December 1, 2013 | Speaker:

Knowing the importance of giving thanks is one thing, but actually doing it can be challenging. We don’t naturally give thanks when circumstances in life seem wrong; when our car breaks down on the freeway or we get in an accident, or we lose our job, or anything else that we would determine as less than desirable for ourselves. But it is in the context of life’s circumstances that we glorify God; the way we respond and react in life reveals great truth about who we are. We can prepare ourselves for life so that we respond and react in a way that glorifies God; thanksgiving.

Why Thankfulness?

Date: November 24, 2013 | Speaker:

In Luke 17 Jesus heals ten lepers but only one returns to gives thanks. Though Jesus did not command them to return and give thanks, he was surprised that only one did; and that he was a foreigner. What can we learn about being thankful from this? Was this man simply being respectful, or was there more? Why should we be thankful, and what does that mean?

Why God Hates Grumbling

Date: July 7, 2013 | Speaker:

If we were asked to list destructive sins that stir God’s anger and hinder the light of the gospel from shining, complaining and grumbling would probably not even make it on the list. And yet God puts grumbling right alongside the sin of idol worship, paganism and sexual immorality! Why? Because grumbling is a sign of an ungrateful heart towards God’s goodness, and it severely damages the testimony of the gospel. Is your life characterized by a grateful spirit or an undercurrent of complaining?

Pausing to Give Thanks

Date: September 30, 2012 | Speaker:

As a church family, we decided to pause this week to thank God for just a few of the many things He has already done for us. Join us as we hear and follow the example set forth in Scripture of expressing our thankfulness to God, regardless of our current circumstances.

Walking in the New Life, Part 4: Our Words

Date: July 22, 2012 | Speaker:

Our words… God has a lot to say about them, but are we paying attention? As His children, we hold the power to speak words of life or death. And whatever is in our hearts is what will come out of our mouths. Let’s take a close look at the truth of what God wants to hear from His children.

Remember Your Creator While There is Still Time

Date: March 25, 2012 | Speaker:

Solomon started out his life so well… following God with all his heart and choosing wisdom over riches, fame and pleasure. But somewhere along the way, he got his focus off of God and began pursuing other things, and because of this, Solomon’s life ended in misery and regret. Although he had everything his heart desired, he described the conclusion of all his pursuits are being empty and meaningless. As an old man, realizing the error of his ways, he urges all of us reading his words to remember God while we are still young, and keep our eyes upon Him all the days of our life.

Being Thankful in All Circumstances

Date: November 27, 2011 | Speaker:

We have been blessed with so much and have been given so much by God that we have come to expect it. We don’t really see our blessings as “blessings” anymore… we see them as the “normal” standard of life. Therefore, when anything in our life is taken away, we grumble and feel like we’re truly suffering, and we sometimes even get angry at God. If there is anything in your life that you are struggling to give thanks for, today’s message will help reset the benchmark on what true thanksgiving really is.

Communion Service and Uganda Testimony

Date: November 28, 2010 | Speaker:

Join us today for a brief Thanksgiving communion devotional followed by a testimony from one of our members about her recent trip to Uganda to work with orphans. May you be challenged by her boldness and obedience to step out of her comfort zone and be used by God.