Sermons from Acts

Amazing Grace

Date: June 28, 2009 | Speaker:

As Stephen was being brutally murdered, a man named Saul was watching and giving his approval. It seems unthinkable that a cold hearted man like Saul would go on to become the greatest voice of the church and write half the New Testament. Yet the fact that someone like that can be completely transformed is a testimony of God’s amazing grace! No matter what road a person is on, God’s grace can still turn them around.

The Strange Plans of God

Date: June 21, 2009 | Speaker:

As the first church began to explode with growth and unlimited possibility, one of its brightest and best young leaders–a man named Stephen–was brutally murdered for his faith. Who would have thought that something so awful and unfair would have ever been part of God’s plans for the church? And yet God used this event to scatter the church and spread the Gospel to other places. Often in life God’s plan seem so strange, even unkind, yet we must trust His plans and hold to the promise that God knows what He is doing.


Date: June 7, 2009 | Speaker:

What is it that you get the most excited to talk about… your team winning the ballgame last night? Your new car? That exciting vacation? The believers in the early church were so excited about Jesus, that even when they were threatened and warned to stop speaking in His name, they replied, “We cannot help speaking about Jesus.” Basically, they were saying, “Beat us, torture us, even kill us… it doesn’t matter because we cannot stop talking about our Lord!” They were literally unstoppable! No wonder they were a church on fire!

What are You Devoted To?

Date: May 31, 2009 | Speaker:

It’s easy to devote ourselves to something, whether it’s to our marriage, our family, or to the Lord, but then realize over time that our devotion has faded. The believers in Acts 2 not only devoted themselves to the Lord’s work, but they were “continually devoting” themselves to it. What area of your life were you once devoted to, but now you’re miles off course because you have not been “continually devoting” yourself to it?

The Life Changing Power of Jesus

Date: May 17, 2009 | Speaker:

In the Gospels we see the disciples arguing, doubting, and abandoning Jesus, but when you reach Acts you see a totally transformed group of men. What happened? Their lives were radically changed by the power of the Holy Spirit and by their risen Lord. Yes, Jesus truly does change people. Has He changed your life?

You are Part of the Mission of Jesus!

Date: May 10, 2009 | Speaker:

An estimated 97% of the entire world has heard of Coca-Cola. That means roughly only 3% of the earth’s population has never heard of Coke. Yet, the sad news is that more than 25% of the people on earth have never heard the name of Jesus. The last words Jesus spoke before He ascended to heaven (Acts 1:8) were for His followers to go and spread the Good News about Him to the ends of the earth. There is still a great harvest to bring in. Are we doing our part?

Waiting for God to Show Up

Date: May 3, 2009 | Speaker:

Nobody likes to wait, especially when you feel like God doesn’t hear your prayers and that He is never going to show up! But the first command Jesus gave His followers just before He ascended to heaven was to… WAIT. Does God have you in wait mode right now? If so, just hold on and know that He has not forgotten you. His timing will prove to be perfect!

Doing Whatever it Takes

Date: May 22, 2009 | Speaker:

The Bible tells a story of four men who were so determined to get a crippled man to Jesus, that they ripped the roof off a house to get him there! They were willing to do whatever it took. As followers of Christ, are we truly willing to do whatever it takes to get people to Jesus, despite the obstacles, despite the inconvenience, despite the cost? We never will be until we fully understand how much is at stake.

What on Earth Am I Here For?

Date: May 18, 2008 | Speaker:

Does your life really matter? Is there any purpose to it all, or is the day to day grind just a pointless, meaningless existence? Are you here by accident, or is there a reason–a mission–for your life? If you have ever pondered the question, “What on earth am I here for?”, this series will give you the answer!

Why Should I Believe in the Church?

Date: March 30, 2008 | Speaker:

Do followers of Jesus really need to be part of a church family? Can’t we do just fine living the Christian life by ourselves? What’s the point of the church anyway? Isn’t the church just full of hypocrites? Despite its flaws and failures over the years, the church is still the greatest and most important organism on this planet, because it is the living Body of Christ — the one and only entity that God has chosen to spread the message of salvation to all mankind! Find out today why we need the church and why the church needs us.

A God Worth Sharing

Date: February 3, 2008 | Speaker:

All of us know someone who has been impacted by cancer. What if you discovered the cure for this devastating disease… would you hide the formula in a drawer at home, or would you share it with everyone you knew? As Christians, we have the cure for something far worse than cancer. Through Jesus Christ, we have been given the cure for sin, the cure for a meaningless life, and the cure for eternity in hell! Why is it, then, that so few Christians ever share this “cure” with others who need it? Today we see why God truly is a God worth sharing!